My artistic process begins with a deliberate openness to and awareness of the visual world.  When I experience an emotional reaction to something I see in the woods or along the ocean’s shore, I know I have discovered an image that holds meaning for me.  I often do not understand exactly why the form I see resonates so intensely, but I follow my emotional response. 

As I explore the visual potential of the form in two dimensions, I am always delighted by the first moment of recognition: suddenly, the reason for my initial reaction becomes apparent to me.  The result of my response to the form unfurls on the canvas or paper, revealing the source of its inspiration. The entire creative process enables me to decipher, through form and image, the layers of reality at work beneath the surface of my consciousness.

By removing the objects from their natural context and arranging them in a new environment, I allow them to develop new associations. The simplicity of my compositions emphasizes the way the organic forms interact with each other and the space around them. Separated from their origins and presented without distraction, I can focus on the individual objects, and appreciate them not only for what they are, but for what they might represent. Each branch reveals curves, bends, bumps and scars that express its unique character.  A vine twists and wraps itself around a branch, a path through space. A shell begins to show signs of wear, as tiny cracks and fractures emerge, interrupting its perfect spiral. A seed holds the potential of an individual, as it suggests immeasurable possibilities.